A great choice for mid-sized spaces, the i30M is all about ease of use and heating performance. Craft your fireplace to your taste and style with our Design-A-Fire System of interchangeable firebed media, interior panels and decorative fronts.

Technical Information
BTU Input NG 30,000 BTU
BTU Input LP 30,000 BTU

P.4.1-15 Efficiency NG 72.9%
P.4.1-15 Efficiency LP 72.9%

Energuide Mark
Standard Features
Full flames
Integrated micro-mesh safety screen
Manual Control
Burner Base (Burner Media package sold separately)
No-Tool Decorative front installation
Multiple decorative front options
Integrated Leveling System
Maxitrol GV60 Valve System
Remote Control
Easy Venturi and Flue Damper Adjustment
Easy Access to Module, Valve, and Gas Shut Off
Centered Side-by-Side Venting, 3x4 Collinear
NG or LP Dedicated Units
Low Battery Consumption

Available Burner Styles

Tofino i20 Logset

Split Log Burner

Tofino i20 Glass Burner

Glass Burner

Available Firebox Panels

Black Porcelain





Red Brick

Red Brick

Available Fronts

Tofino Modern Black Front

Modern Black

Tofino Modern Brushed Nickel Front

Modern Brushed Nickel

Tofino Artisan Surround Black

Artisan Black

Tofino Artisan Surround Stainless Steel

Artisan Brushed Nickel


Burner: Split Log or Glass
Interior: brick, stone or porcelain enamel
Fronts: Modern + Artisan, available in Metallic Black or Brushed Nickel

LED Ember Lighting Kit


Regular Backing Plate 26″ x 38″
Oversize Backing Plate 28″ x 42″

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