Baffle System

Pacific Energy is a recognized industry leader in “clean burn” technology, as exemplified in our unique high-capacity baffle system for preheating secondary combustion air for re-burning. By burning the combustible elements in the air, we improve our stoves’ environmental performance while significantly reducing the amount of wood consumed.

The design and construction of our baffles is second to none. These removable hollow chambers are precisely formed and perforated to allow a continuous, controlled flow of secondary air—with no moving parts. Constructed from fully seam-welded 304 grade, non-ferrous stainless steel, the baffles ensure efficient combustion of secondary air throughout the entire burn cycle

Note: The Vista LE, Vista Classic LE, Vista Insert LE, Alderlea T4 LE, Neo 1.6 LE and Vista Insert LE all use a combination of stainless steel baffle and stainless steel tubes.