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Until we pioneered the Alderlea line, and its revolutionary iron-wrapped steel firebox, a cast-iron stove was just that: cast iron.

The Alderlea design makes the most of each metal: the steel stove and floating firebox is free to expand and contract, and its design maximizes convective heat efficiency, while the cast iron wrapping provides radiant heat. This superior system greatly extends longevity over an all cast stove. Metal fatigue is no longer a factor, allowing us to offer the industry’s first lifetime warranty on a cast stove.

This technical innovation lives “under the skin” of the Alderlea line, which maintains the beloved traditional woodstove appearance. We say it’s “powered by design, and crafted by tradition”.

Other Wood Technologies

Air Wash
The first effective airwash manifold system, a design that flows pre-heated air to the glass surface to keep it clean.
Baffle System
Improving our stoves’ environmental performance while significantly reducing the amount of wood that is consumed
Extended Burn Technology
Automatically adjusting the secondary combustion system, for a cleaner, more efficient burn and extended burn time.
Floating Firebox
Allowing key parts to freely expand and contract, which reduces metal fatigue and adds years of life to the entire stove.
Heat Distribution System
Enjoy heat throughout your home with Pacific Energy’s EPA approved Heat Distribution System.
Knife Edge Door Seal
A formed and welded knife edge opening creating a superior air tight seal to the door gasket.
Porcelain over Steel
Porcelain Steel colors will not fade with time despite intense heat, sunlight and household cleaners – available only with Pacific Energy products.
Self-Sealing Ash Dump
Our self-sealing ash dump, with its spring-loaded trap door, provides a time saving, hassle-free ash removal solution.
Single Lever Air Control
It’s never been simpler to achieve a clean, efficient flame. With Pacific Energy systems, a single, easy-to-operate air control lever can regulate the entire burn.

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