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It may be obvious that a firebox is subjected to wild extremes of temperature. In some stoves, those extremes, and the related expansion and contraction, can lead to premature fatigue, and even failure, of metal components.

But not in a Pacific Energy, our floating firebox system is legendary in the industry. Solidly designed with 304 grade stainless steel brick-support rails, it allows key parts to freely expand and contract, which reduces metal fatigue and adds years of life to the entire stove. The stainless steel baffle (part of the clean-burning secondary combustion system) the flame shield (which protects the stove top from intense heat) are all part of the floating firebox system. 

It costs more to build a stove this way, but we feel it’s well worth it. It’s one of the reasons we’re confident in offering a lifetime warranty on every one of our stoves and inserts. And why our products don’t click, tick and ping when they heat and cool. 


Made from 304 grade stainless steel to protect the stove top from intense heat.


High volume secondary air combustion system for maximum efficiency.


Allow key parts to freely expand and contract, reducing metal fatigue and adding years of life to the stove.

Other Wood Technologies

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The first effective airwash manifold system, a design that flows pre-heated air to the glass surface to keep it clean.
Baffle System
Improving our stoves’ environmental performance while significantly reducing the amount of wood that is consumed
Cast-Iron over Steel
Maximizing convective heat efficiency, while the cast iron wrapping provides radiant heat.
Extended Burn Technology
Automatically adjusting the secondary combustion system, for a cleaner, more efficient burn and extended burn time.
Heat Distribution System
Enjoy heat throughout your home with Pacific Energy’s EPA approved Heat Distribution System.
Knife Edge Door Seal
A formed and welded knife edge opening creating a superior air tight seal to the door gasket.
Porcelain over Steel
Porcelain Steel colors will not fade with time despite intense heat, sunlight and household cleaners – available only with Pacific Energy products.
Self-Sealing Ash Dump
Our self-sealing ash dump, with its spring-loaded trap door, provides a time saving, hassle-free ash removal solution.
Single Lever Air Control
It’s never been simpler to achieve a clean, efficient flame. With Pacific Energy systems, a single, easy-to-operate air control lever can regulate the entire burn.

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