Pacific Energy Wood Stoves & Inserts Maintenance Checks

Check the following parts for damage such as cracks, excessive corrosion, burned out sections and excessive warping:

NOTE: Please contact your Dealer if you experience any of the damage listed.

Continuing to operate your stove with – broken parts may – accelerate damage to other parts and may void your warranty.


Visual check for cracking.

Door Gasket
damage, sagging, falling off


  • Brick rail tabs and brick rails.
  • Air riser tube in the back of the firebox.
  • Back side of airwash chamber.
  • Baffle locking pin.
  • Boost tube cover.

When Cleaning the Chimney System

  • Top baffle board.
  • Baffle.
  • Top heat shield and mounting bolt.
  • Baffle Gasket.
  • Manifold.
NOTE: – Some warping of the baffle is normal (up to 1/4″ or 0.65cm).
Replace if the baffle has permanent warping greater than this or has cracking or breakage.


The blower should be cleaned out a minimum every six months by using a vacuum on the grill openings in the back and bottom of the blower casing to remove any dust and debris.